About me

My name is Renze Lou ( 楼仁泽 ), a first-year PhD candidate at Penn State University. I am glad to be supervised by Prof. Wenpeng Yin. Before PSU, I was an undergraduate at Zhejiang University City College, advised by Prof. Lin Sun.

My current research interest focuses on Learning from Task Instructions, but I am also familiar with Information Extraction, Multi-task Learning, and Emotion Analysis.


  • Mar. 2023: 🔥🔥🔥 We released a comprehensive reading list (more than 140 papers) on Instruction Learning! The corresponding survey is coming soon! 🚀🚀🚀
  • Feb. 2023: One paper accepted by ICASSP 2023. It was my first time supervising undergraduates through the whole project!
  • Jan. 2023: Moved to Penn State University. Goodbye, Temple.
  • Oct. 2022: One paper accepted by EMNLP 2022.
  • Aug. 2022: Began my PhD journey at Temple University.
  • Jun. 2022: Recieved Bachelor’s degree. Goodbye, ZUCC.

Research Experience:

  • Research Assistant @ Penn State University.
    -- Supervised by Prof. Wenpeng Yin. Aug. 2022 ~ Present.
  • Research Assistant @ The Chinese University of Hongkong (Shenzhen).
    -- Cooperated with Prof. Yan Song and Yuanhe Tian (University of Washington). Oct. 2021 ~ May 2022.
  • Research Intern @ Dartmouth College.
    -- Worked closely with Prof. Soroush Vosoughi and Weicheng Ma. Oct. 2020 ~ Aug. 2021.
  • Research Intern @ Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School.
    -- Advised by Prof. Yujiu Yang. Jun. 2020 ~ Oct. 2020.
  • Research Assistant @ Zhejiang University City College.
    -- Advised by Prof. Lin Sun and Kai Zhang (Ohio State University). Jul. 2020 ~ Mar. 2021.

Selected Publications:

( * indicates equal contribution)

  1. Yuanhe Tian, Renze Lou, Xiangyu Pang, Lianxi Wang, Shengyi JIANG and Yan Song. Improving English-Arabic Transliteration with Phonemic Memories. In EMNLP-Findings 2022.
    [Paper]; [Data]
  2. Xiaojie Gu, Renze Lou, Lin Sun, Shangxin Li. PAGE: A Position-Aware Graph-Based Model for Emotion Cause Entailment in Conversation. In ICASSP 2023.
    [Paper]; [Code]
  3. Weicheng Ma, Renze Lou , Kai Zhang, Lili Wang and Soroush Vosoughi. GradTS: A Gradient-Based Automatic Auxiliary Task Selection Method Based on Transformer Networks. In EMNLP 2021.
    [Paper]; [Code]
  4. Weicheng Ma*, Kai Zhang*, Renze Lou, Lili Wang and Soroush Vosoughi. Contributions of Transformer Attention Heads in Multi- and Cross-lingual Tasks. In ACL 2021 (Long Oral).
    [Paper]; [Code]
  5. Renze Lou*, Yutong Wang*, Kai Zhang*, Maoyan Chen and Yujiu Yang. MORE: A Metric Learning Based Framework for Open-Domain Relation Extraction. In ICASSP 2021.
    [Paper]; [Code]
  6. Renze Lou*, Fan Zhang*, Xiaowei Zhou, Yutong Wang, Minghui Wu, Lin Sun. A Unified Representation Learning Strategy for Open Relation Extraction with Ranked List Loss. In CCL 2021.
    [Paper]; [Code]

Selected Awards:

  • Outstanding Technical Contribution Grant for OpenVINO.
    -- Awarded by Intel, 2022.
  • Outstanding Graduates of Zhejiang Province.
    -- Awarded by Zhejiang Provincial Government, 2022.
  • Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship.
    -- Awarded by Zhejiang Provincial Government, 2021.


PC Member (Reviewer): ACL 2023; EMNLP 2022; AKBC 2022.

External Reviewer: EMNLP 2022, 2021; IJCAI 2021; JISF.

Leadership: Co-Founder of CCAi.